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I decided not to complete my studies in environmental chemistry after realising that beauty had always fascinated me, that's when I decided to study aesthetics.  

In this process, almost by chance, while I was studying to be a beautician, I learned about massages and manual body remodelling techniques, there I found the greatest love for my profession.

For 8 years I was the director of a renowned Spa, 8 years which allowed me to have a more expert, broad and global vision of beauty, wellness and massage treatments.

After 8 years of great learning and experience, I started my own path, being my own boss and opening my beauty and massage center, at the same I was offered to be a trainer for Andalusian for a high level Italian cosmetics company. 

For a time, I worked at the Spa, created my own beauty and massage center and I trained aesthetic professionals throughout Andalucia. 

I consider myself a born researcher, I am constantly looking for new techniques to enhance my career and improve the lives of my clients, I found Metal Therapy and I felt that the time had come to train professionals like you, to help them achieve their goals and that they could keep growing exponentially.

I'm here to help you become an expert in this innovative technique, and finally, you can differentiate yourself and give your business the boost you want so much.


Tesa Natural, Chiromassage and Acupuncture school

  • Osteopathy

  • Sports acupuncture, auriculopuncture, E.A.P and Humminglag

  • Superior Chiromassage Techniques

  • Wood Therapy

  • Kobido

Gerard's Italia, Cosmetic Culture

  • Master Methodology level II Benessere I

  • Geroloil

  • Bamboo Massage

  • Chocolate Massage

  • Silver and Golden Quartz

  • Advanced Back and Shoulders


  • Wood Therapy

Andalusian Government

  • Specialist in Therapy and Spa Techniques

Ederbel Cosmetic Distributions

  • Japanese Facial Lifting


Porcel, Hairdressing and Aesthetics Centre

  • Aesthetic Course 

If you want, you can learn with me to master the Body Metal Therapy technique, with it you will become a Magician of body transformations, helping you to position your business and improve your income.


Leave me your details and I will contact you in a maximum of 48 hours.  

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Have a great day!

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