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How long in the course?

The training is face-to-face and lasts 8 hours, then for a month we will connect once a week via zoom for questions, we will also have a digital marketing class.  My commitment is to have a follow-up at all times and that you can always count on me for advice and resolution of doubts.

Can I complete the course online?

Due to the nature of this course, we do not currently offer the course online.   The course in an intensive course of 8 hours, usually completed in one day.   If you require more flexibility for example 2 days at 4 hours, please do not hesitate to contact me before purchasing the course. 

How can I pay for the course?

The course must be paid in full at least 2 weeks before the course date.  It is possible to purchase the course directly from our store and make payments by credit card, debit card or PayPal.  

It is also possible to pay in agreed instalments by choosing the manual payment option (no payment will be taken at the time of reserving your space on the course).  I will contact you after making your purchase to agree installments which can be paid either by bank transfer or Bizum.  

What happens if I do not pass the theory and practical exams?

In the unlikely event that you do not pass the theory or practical exams, we will continue to work together until the required level is reached. 


Do I also need the Intelligent Cosmetics?

It is not mandatory to acquire intelligent cosmetics, but after many studies and tests, it is the cosmetic that, together with the technique, can achieve the best results, fast over time and long-lasting, in addition to being able to have an extra income since you have the possibility of be able to market it to your customers.  For more information, please contact me directly using the contact page.

What days do the follow-up sessions take place?

Follow-up sessions will be held weekly on Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. via zoom and will continue for one month after completing your course.  You will then complete a short course on Digital Marketing and have regular follow up sessions for the following year. 

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