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Our training is the only one in the Spanish market that offers you step-by-step instructions to carry out this technique like a true expert, achieve the best results and increase your income.

  • Introduction: What is Metal Therapy and why this will help you to differentiate yourself, stand out from competition and develop your professional career much more.

  • Diagnosis:  How to perform a correct body diagnosis, this is the basis for obtaining real results and not just promises

  • The Body:  Review of body anatomy and the lymphatic system

  • Tools:  Learn why Metal Therapy tools are so beneficial, how they differ from Wood Therapy tools and how to use them step by step to achieve the best results 

  • Smart Cosmetics:  Discover the secret of intelligent body cosmetics and why it is ESSENTIAL for this technique to achieve results that until now you did not think possible (see course options)

  • Results:  Guaranteed results for you and your clients​

  • Training:  8 hours of intense training in groups of no more than 6 people.  Choose onsite or online.

  • Therapy Kit:  3 piece kit ready for you to start using on your clients as soon as you have completed your course. (see course options)

  • Materials:  Printable, in depth, PDF copies of your theory training​

  • Certificate:  Theoretical/practical exam at the end to obtain a certificate (the diploma is private)

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